Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mixed Feelings: Olivia Palermo

So I have to admit, I have super mixed feelings about Olivia Palermo. On the one hand, her style is TO DIE FOR. Seriously, I have never seen anyone able to pull off graphic pants or sheer pink lace dresses like she has (see picture below). 

But as a guilty fan of MTV's The City (the Whitney Port spin-off of The Hills, which was a Lauren Conrad spin-off of Laguna Beach) I have to admit that I absolutely despise her personality. I would literally cringe every time she opened her mouth because 1) she talks in the most stereotypical valley-girl voice I've ever heard and 2) she is so incompetent I'm surprised she's able to get dressed in the morning (granted, it's a little easier when you have to pick between Valentino and Prada rather than Target and Gap).

It came to the point where I was only watching The City to see if Olivia had FINALLY gotten fired from her surprisingly prestigious fashion industry job. Olivia not only managed to ruin every task assigned to her, but would constantly bicker with her co-workers and boss. Looking at that pretty little face of hers and those pretty designer clothes she always has on, one might think she is simply a very stylish girl. But I swear to god if you are ever considering having a decent conversation with her or, god forbid, hiring her... RUN AWAY. RUN AWAY QUICKLY. 

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